Che-Bella Custom Framing

We use only rhe highest quality materials to present and preserve your paintings, prints, posters, photographs, doccuments, needleworks, clothing, as well as items you may never have considered framing.  With over 2000 mouldings on site, we offer French Lining, specialty matting, V-Grooving, shadowboxes, conservation mounting and glazing, and top notch design services.

Thousands of Molding Samples Available

At Che-Bella Custom Framing, we carry a wide variety of molding samples from over a dozen suppliers, including: Larson Juhl, AMPF, Fotiou, Fox Molding, Roma, East Side Mouldings, and several others.  We try to carry a full selection of the latest in framing designs from traditional to contemporary styles and everything in between.

Custom Matting

At Che-Bella Custom Framing, we carry only Acid Free Mats or Archival Rag Mats in a wide variety of colors and textures.  This is to ensure your artwork is well preserved and presented in a way that highlights the art rather than the framing around it.


V-Grooving is an enhancement for matting that cuts another white line around the mat window opening.  This is especially nice for documents on white paper and reinforces the framing design.

Dry Mounting

Dry mounting is a process that uses glue and a vacuum press to permanently mount and flatten posters and photographs.  This Process is neither Acid Free nor Archival, but creates a clean look for photos or posters that may otherwise be wrinkled or wavy.

Acid Free Dry Mounting

Acid Free Dry Mounting has the same finished look as Dry Mounting and flattens posters and photos nicely.  The difference is that the artwork is adhered to an Acid Free backing board or a piece of Rag Mat with Acid Free Mounting Tissue.  The Mounting Tissue is applied in a heated press and flattens artwork without the risk of acids leaching into the artwork and causing discoloration.  

Acid Free and Conservation Mounting

These mounting options provide the best protection for your artworks.  No glue is applied and nothing is permanently adhered.  The pieces are mounted to Acid Free Foam Core with mounting corners, which ensures that acids normally found in paper products do not discolor your artwork.  Conservation Mounting is an Archival process that uses Rag Mat as a mounting surface and mounting strips to hold the image in place.  This ensures that neither acids nor anything else will deteriorate your piece in any way at all.  Also, unlike dry mounting, these processes allow the artwork to breathe through temperature and humidity changes.


Shadowboxes create a sense of depth by placing matted spacers between the glass and the artwork along the Inside edge of the frame.  This works particularly well for garments and jerseys that have been mounted to the top of a mat or for art that is float mounted.

Picture Frame Glass

The glass you choose for your artwork can be crucial.  We carry Tru-Vue glass and  acrylic for framing.  These products offer the best protection from ultra-violet light and prevent fading. Non-glare and anti-reflection options are available with these products. The acrylic is great for pieces that are large and heavy and for shipping artwork without the worry of breakage.  We offer high-end acrylic from Tru-Vue. It is available, non-glare, conservation, museum, scratch-resistant, as well as several others.

Plaque Mounting is an economical option that permanently laminates the artwork to Masonite.  The Masonite can have matting and colored edges, but requires no frames or glass.